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Regents Boosters Features

  • Master the full curriculum

    The Regents Boosters ebook covers the Living Environment common core curriculum that students can master their Regents.

  • Interactive learning

    Bookmark, take notes, listen to audio, google or check up a word in wikipedia, and copy important information into your own special notebook. Get involved!

  • Microlearning

    Simplifies the most complicated concepts by presenting bite-sized chunks of information for effective step-by-step learning.

  • Hints

    Original mnemonics, word associations, play on words, graphics, and puns to cement important facts into the brain fro easy recall.

  • Diagrams & Graphics

    Numerous illustrations, diagrams, and graphics clarify material and are great for the visual learner.

  • Notations to guide your focus

    The Living Environment ebook provides notations to direct you to concentrate on key information typically tested on the Regents.

  • Learn Anywhere

    Learn in school, review at home, or on the bus! Access your digital ebook from any device – smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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Living Environment Boosters eBook

    1. Unit 1: Cells

    1. Unit 2: Homeostasis & Body Systems

    1. Unit 3: Reproduction

    1. Unit 4: Genetics

    1. Unit 5: Ecology

    1. Unit 6: Evolution

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